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Creative CSS: Animations, Transitions & UX

Upcoming dates:

Portland, OR! June 9th 2014 Get your ticket!

The workshop:

Start thinking of CSS in a whole new light using animations, transitions, and transforms. Plus learn how to make great UI animations while you’re at it!

In this workshop we’ll cover the basics of CSS animations, transitions and transforms; techniques for writing them efficiently; and specifically look at where they can best be used in our work — both as classy details and quality UI animations.

We’ll add a little JavaScript into the mix for more control over our interactions and cover working with animation and transition events. It’s going to be a fun day full of CSS animation goodness!

What we’ll cover:

Who should attend:

This workshop is for front-end developers and web designers who want to add more sophisticated interactions and motion to their work.

What you should know:

Experience with HTML and CSS is needed to take full advantage of the workshop’s content. Some familiarity with JavaScript or jQuery is helpful, but not required.

What to bring:

A laptop with your favourite text editor and modern browser(s) is all you need.

Next workshop:

Portland, OR! June 9th 2014 Get your ticket!

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